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Bars, Café’s and terraces in Centrul Vechi

Bars, Café’s and terraces in Centrul Vechi

If bars and café’s you are looking for, then Centrul Vechi is the place to be, with over 100 places to choose from. No matter the moment of the day or the purpose of your visit, you will find a place for your needs. If it’s summer and weekend, get ready to fight for a table as it will be incredible crowded. Romanians do love to go out.
You will find out that almost all bars try to provide a good mix of drinks and food, kind of a “baRestaurant”, trying to take full advantage of their space for which they pay pretty high rent.

bruno wine bar bucuresti

bruno wine bar

Wine Bars. If you look for a small, cosy wine bar, then you should go to Bruno’s wine bar (3 Covaci str, $). You will find popular and reasonable priced wines. You can also try Corks Cozy bar (1 Bacani str, $$) for a good variety of wines.




Beros & van schaik wine bar

Beros & van schaik

Beros & van Schaik (19 Covaci str, $) for a good south american variety but not only or Corelli (18 Smardan str, $$) for a warm, clasical atmosphere with old furniture and good variation of wines and prices.



Cafe van Gogh

Cafe van Gogh


a biutiful bar

Bars, Pubs and Cafe’s – baRestaurants. There is a large selections of bars, pubs and cafes in Centrul Vechi, almost all providing also a terace and meals. A short walk around will provide you many different choices.Among the placest wich you should not miss is Vang Gogh Cafe (9 Smardan str, $$) with their soups and cafes, Biutiful (6-8 Gabroveni str, $$$) for great American food and good beer, designed by arh Mihai Popescu (Fratelli club) or Charme for mediterranean cuisine (12 Smardan str, $$$).
You will also find more good beer places like St Patrick Irish Pub (25 Smardan str, $$) or Curtea Berarilor (9-11 Selari str, $) for rivers of local beers at draught at your table.

lacrimi si sfinti

lacrimi si sfinti

Restaurants. For a proper dinning in Centrul Vechi here is a short list of our favorite places for a good meal. Lacrimi si Sfinti with its fantastic fine Romanian food (16 Sfinti Sepcari str,  $$) , Caru cu Bere were you go back in time, one of the oldest restaurants in time,opened in 1899 (5 Stavropoleos str, $$) .  Hanul lui Manuc, best in

terasa hanul lui manuc

terasa hanul lui manuc

summer time when the large garden has an open air grill and live folk music (62-64 Franceza str, $$) . Since our Turkish influence is quite high in this part of Romania, you can’t leave Bucharest without oriental pampering at Divan (46-48 Franceză str, $$$), for French food, Bon Bouche witch is more of a Bistro ( 30 Franceză str, $$ ) and Bon Restaurant, expensive but worth every penny! ( 30 Smardan str, $$$$ ). For a taste of Italy, Vechio is the place to go (16 Covaci str, $$$) and for a quality meat, Red Angust steak house (56 Franceză str, $$$).

$ – close to market prices
$$ – regular prices
$$$ – have all the cards with you
$$$$ – good bye piggy bank

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