dorobanti neighborhood


Area description:  Dorobanti area, is considered as one of the best if not the best residential area of Bucharest. Most of the old buildings are from the late nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century.
These stately homes, were built on large plots of land, originally belonging to important families of Bucharest at that time. Currently,  some of them are sheltering institutions, embassies and residences of diplomats. Over time, in addition to these constructions were raised blocks of flats.

Safety Factor, Day: 10                                     Tourism: 7.5
Safety Factor, Night: 9                                     Traffic: 9
Average Price: 5                                                   Nightlife: 7

Measured on a scale of 1-10 (1 = low, 10 = high) (average price low – means it’s pretty expensive)


house in Dorobanti

house in Dorobanti






*Tip: Situated in the North of Bucharest, closer to major lakes and parks, this area is very convenient during the summer, as it becomes a small oasis in the almost desert like heat.
Being one of the most beautiful spots of the city in terms of architecture,  buildings and surroundings.  Dorobanti area is in the same time renowned for its shopping boutiques.  For the posh and upper as in money wise-class, you can find luxury stores.

window shop in Dorobanti

window shop in Dorobanti



Bucharest subway map

Bucharest subway map

Transportation: There are 4 Metro stations in each corner of the district, making it accessible from any point in the city: Aviatorilor  (easy to reach Televiziunea Romana, Herastrau Park, Primaverii), Romana (perfectly located to enter the city center),  Stefan Cel Mare (near Spitalul de Urgenta), Victoriei (near Capitale area and Magheru Boulevard)

Buses: 135. Dorobanti, Bd. Dacia, Cal. Floreasca
182. Gara de Nord, Victoriei, Cal. Dorobantilor, Floreascaand many more
131. Complex Comercial Băneasa, Cal. Dorobanti, Romana
Subway: M1-line: Stefan Cel Mare to Gara de Nord or change to Piata Victoriei M2 line for the city center (Piata Romana, Piata Universitatii, Piata Unirii.

The Vibe: Single and looking to pick up plastic surgery MILFs or hunky Romanians in deep V-neck t-shirts? Head down to Beller street in Dorobanti for you will be amazed!

Full list of the best restaurants, bars and clubs:The best restaurants, bars and cafes in Dorobanti

Highlights and tips:

Piata Dorobanti. Perhaps the best of the local markets for foreigners and visitors. Find imported goodies such as asparagus alongside local farm-produced cheese, sausages, smoked trout etc. Not cheap though.

Attractions: If architecture is what you are looking for, the Capitale area is were you should take a walk. Most of the houses are architecture jewelry with a major historical importance.  Many of these houses have turned into restaurants, furniture shops, designer studio and so on.
Herastrau Park it’s a must go on a sunny day, it is the biggest park in Bucharest with a lake in the middle of it, nice restaurants and relax atmosphere terraces.
There are a lot of  fancy restaurants next to Piata Dorobanti and around Beller street.

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