UNIRII Neigborhood Guide

Area description: Piata Unirii is one of the largest squares in central Bucharest, located in the center of the city where Sectors 1, 2, 3, and 4 meet. It is bisected by Unirii Boulevard, originally built during the Communist era as the Boulevard of Victory of Socialism, and renamed after the Romanian Revolution of 1989.

Safety Factor, Day: 10                                    Tourism: 10
Safety Factor, Night: 9                                    Traffic: 8
Average Price: 8                                                  Nightlife: 6

Measured on a scale of 1-10 (1 = bad,  10 = good)


Old Town

Old Town

Hanul lui Manuc  restaurant

Hanul lui Manuc restaurant


History: Under the pretext of the earthquake of ’77,  the communist regime began reorganizing the downtown. They  tore down neighborhoods,  hospitals, markets and churches.  All were buried to make way for communist dreams: a big square were to held rallies, demonstrations or other events involving  thousands of people.  There are large apartment  blocks built for the important people in the communist party along the newly built Unirii boulevard.  It is a 3 km long boulevard  that the Communist regime did not get to enjoy. It is wider than Champs Elysees by 3 cm.
From the old part of Piata Unirii we only have left Hanul lui Manuc restaurant (see below) and streets that have entered in the history of Bucharest like Lipscani, Covaci, Doamnei, Stavropoleos, Franceza, Sepcari. Those streets form now the Historical Center or Centrul Vechi

(aici link catre Centrul Vechi guide) as the Romanians call it.

*Tip: Situated in the center Bucharest, close to major interest points, this area is very convenient during your stay since you are in walking distance from all the touristic interest points.
Unirii area has always been an important shopping area due to  Unirea Shopping Mall which was the first Mall in town.

find out more about shopping in Bucharest here – (link)

bucharest subway map

bucharest subway map

what a view

People’s Palace






Transportation: The square is a significant public transportation hub thru the Piata Unirii metro station and a major interchange for RATB buses. There is also a tram terminal near the southwest corner.

The Vibe:  It is a vibrant area, full of life due to it’s position in the center of the city. Besides Piata Unirii, very busy by day with a lot of tourist attractions, there is also the area of Piata Alba Iulia, with plenty of cafe’s and restaurants (located at the opposite end to people’s Palace on Unirii boulevard)

Casa Parlamentului (or People’s Palace – where Ceausescu intended to live) is the second largest building in the world, after the Pentagon.
Unirea shopping center
National Library
National Museum of Romanian History

Attractions: Hanul lui Manuc or Manuc’s Inn,  was built in 1808, and originally owned by a wealthy and flamboyant  Armenian entrepreneur. By the middle of the 19 th century, it was Bucharest’s most important commercial complex, with 15 wholesalers, 23 retail stores, 107 rooms for offices or living, two receiving rooms and a pub. The hotel and the restaurant were closed down in 2007 for refurbishment, but the restaurant is open to the public.

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