piata universitatii

Piata Universitatii

University Square (Piaţa Universitatii) is located downtown Bucharest, close to Piata Romana and Piata Unirii.

Safety Factor Day: 10                                              Tourism: 10
Safety Factor Night: 9                                              Traffic: 5
Average Price: 8                                                           Nightlife: 8

Measured on a scale of 1-10 (1 = bad,  10 = good)

Piata Universitatii

Piata Universitatii






Area description: Piata Universitatii is a symbol for Bucharest. It is the place were Romanian revolution left its martyrs, the point 0 of the capital city. It is a place of enlightenment thanks to the National Theater.  It is the place were  political events and street protest are being held. It’s the place for Bucharest University and Ioan Mincu Arhitecture Institute.
In terms of administration,  Piata Universitatii belongs to Sector 1. Two major boulevards intersects:  Balcescu Boulevard (which runs NW towards Piaţa Romana) and Regina Elisabeta Boulevard witch runs SW towards Cismigiu Park and SE to Piata Rosetti. The square is served by the Piața Universitatii metro station.

*Tip: This area is very convenient during your stay since you are in walking distance from most of the major interest points and bar and restaurants area from Centrul Vechi.
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Bucharest subway map

Bucharest subway map

Transportation: Piata Universitatii Station is one of the busiest metro stations in town.
Subway: M2 line for the city center (Piata Romana, Piata Universitatii, Piata Unirii.
Buses: 122,132, 261, 268, 781, 783, 784


The Vibe: On the sidewalk of Piata Universitatii you can find every day, no matter the weather, people who are selling old books and albums. I just love them! For students that are looking for specific items, these people are real heroes for selling all sorts of books at a good price .

Full list of the best restaurants, bars and clubs:The best restaurants, bars and cafes in Piata Universitatii.

Piata Universitatii can be very crowded. If you want to meet someone in this lovely city, the fountain from Piata Universitatii is the perfect place  because it is centrally located so you can’t miss it.
Four statues can be found in the University Square, in front of the University. This is were the main Christmas Market is held. Behind the statues is the entrance in Centrul Vechi.

Attractions: Piata  Universitii and Piata Romana are the most dynamic areas of Bucharest, with its large number of cafes, restaurants and shopping area. A lot of  universities are compressed in the center like  Economics University, Letters University, University of Architecture  as well as office buildings and hotels.
In Piata Universitii you have the  feeling that you move through history.  The Balcescu boulevard has typical buildings from 1960. On Regina Elizabeta Boulevard, which descends from the Piata Universitii to Cismigiu Park, there are lots of buildings built from 1900 to 1940 .



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