Where to eat the best italian food in Bucharest

Italian food is a lot more than pizza!

An old italian friend told me once:  “in Romania aveti piu ristoranti italiani che in Italia!” (in Romania you have more italian restaurants than Italy). And it’s kind of true, romanians love italian cuisine.
At almost every corner you will find an italian restaurant.

Da Giulio italian restaurant

Da Giulio italian restaurant

Da Giulio is the place to eat the most authentic italian food in Bucharest. The place is usually packed by italian expats and there are large tvs running on italian channels. The place looks pretty cheap but you are there to experience food cooked by recipes from and around Roma. The pasta selection is just incredible and you will also find daily italian specialities cooked food (rabbit, cow’s tail, sea food).  Wine from both Romania and Italy, but they don’t serve pizza. It’s location is pretty far from center, but  a taxi ride will not be more than 3-5 eur. (Popa Stoica Farcas street 28, $$)

Pasta tartufo Il calcio restaurant

Pasta tartufo Il calcio restaurant

Il Calcio is an old italian restaurant brand in Bucharest, operating now 2 different chains: Il Calcio Restaurant and Il Calcio Trattoria . The restaurants are a few in Bucharest, while the trattorias are more common. The menu, quality of products and prices are superior in the restaurants compared to trattorias. Food is ok in trattorias as well, but choose a restaurant for the better quality. Not to be missed are the pastas tartufo and linguine con frutti di mare. Good sea food and nice wine selection. Expect some live old italian music in Restaurant in Herastrau park.
(Sos. Nordului 7-9, la arenele de tenis BTT, $$$$)

Tortellini - Grano

Tortellini – Grano

Grano is a small place in Dorobanti area where you can find italian products both for take away (like a small Deli) or stay in to eat the delights the italian owner has prepared for that day. If you speak italian you have an advantage, as the chef is very kind and will explain everything to you. The home made pasta is at home :) You will never go wrong with the italian wines they have. The place is pretty small so it might be good to book in advance. It’s also open for breakfast. (Putul lui Zamfir street 40, $$$)

Trattoria Bocca

Trattoria Bocca

Bocca it’s a pretty small place and used to be very crowded. Lately i found it more quiet, but the food quality has not dropped. It is likely the most original italian pizza that you will find in the city. I was also surprised by the tuna tartar and the rest of sea food. It’s located right in the center, Universitatii area. (Jean Louis Calderon street 41, $$$)

$ – close to market prices
$$ – regular prices
$$$ – have all the cards with you
$$$$ – good bye piggy bank

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