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Conversions of Weight and temperature in Ro

One of the joys of adjusting from units in UK, US or other imperial country to Romania is learning the conversions of the imperial units of measure (pounds, degrees Fahrenheit, feet and miles) into those handy metric units (grams, kilograms, degrees Celsius, meters and kilometers). Since at first this task can be just a bit perplexing, here are a few quick hints to making these adjustments yourself:

Weight (1 pound = 450 grams)
You will most frequently need to be familiar with the conversion between pounds and grams while visiting your local macelarie (butcher) or aprozar (vegetable seller). Ordering meats and vegetables are the easiest, as you can just request “doua pulpe de pui” (two chicken legs), or “trei castraveti” (three cucumbers), and be on your way.

Weight (1 kilogram = 2.2 pounds)
If you are watching your weight while you’re here, this simple conversion is handy to keep in the back of your mind.

Square feet and meters (1 square foot = .092 square meter)

Apartment or hotel room hunting? Here’s a couple of general measurements to help you out. 500 square meters is 46 square meters, 750 square feet is 70 square meters and 1,000 square feet is 92 square meters.

celsius to fahrenheit conversion

celsius to fahrenheit conversion

Temperature (°C = (°F -32) x 5/9)
The conversion between degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit is not only the measure that you will most frequently encounter, but also the one that can be the most difficult. As you can see, the formula for making this conversion is a doozy!

A dear friend that I met told me a simplier way to get a ballpark figure for the conversion: just take the temperature in Celsius, double it, and add 25. This figure will always be slightly different from the exact temperature reading, but it works for quick conversion.


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