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The art of Small Talk – Romanian Style

You just met a Romanian but you don’t really know where to start a conversation. Small talk. Whether you like it or not, it’s unavoidable. So we thought give you a few useful phrases in Romanian to use when exploring the art of making conversation out of nothing. Here you go:

small talk in a bar

small talk in a bar

De unde esti?Where are you from?

Cu ce te ocupi?What do you work in (what trade)?

A fost asa cald/frig, azi!It was so hot/cold today!

Iti pot oferii un pahar?Can I buy you a drink?

Vii des aici ?Do you come here often?

Ai planuri pentru weekend? Do you have plans for the weekend?

Cum ti-a fost saptamana?How was your weekend?

As vrea sa vad noul film al lui____________I would like to see __________’s new movie.

sweet talker

sweet talker

Okay, so there is a fine line between small talk and sweet talk so be careful. Once you cross the line just a little bit, you might be seen as a libidinos (bullshitter/sweet-talker).

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