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Taxis are abundant in Bucharest, to say the least. Common lore states that 1 in 10 cars in Bucharest is a taxi. The most trusted names in the business are CrisTaxi (+40 (0)21 9466 ), Meridian Taxi (+40 (0)21 9444 ) or SpeedTaxi (+40 (0)21 9477 ), which can be ordered at a specific address or place by telephone ahead of time or hailed on the street. All taxis in Bucharest are yellow.
Currently the taxis starting fee is 1.39 lei and it continues with 1,39 lei for every km. It’s one of the cheapest taxi in the world!

cris taxi

cris taxi

Each taxi has a sign that displays if it’s free or not. The green light means it is free, the red light means it is not. Once you are inside the taxi, tell the driver the address, the name of the place or the closest intersection to your destination.

In Bucharest like in all the City Capitals of the world, we do have our thieves that will try to ease your wallet and double or triple the taxi ride. Be careful around the Gara de Nord (North Train Station), the Airport, the taxi station in Centrul Vechi ( the Old Town) and at the exit from the clubs. The are taxi drivers that charge 3.5 lei / km. Be sure that a taxi driver is trying to trick you when he asks were are you going before letting you know if he’s available or not, and if he tries to negotiate a higher price instead of the meter price.

5 lei

5 lei

Try to keep small bills on-hand to pay for short trips in taxis. Doing so is highly recommended because most times taxi drivers don’t have enough change to break big bills. If the taxi driver doesn’t have change for your big bill, either he will wind up with a big tip  or you will end up going on a wild goose chase for change.
Tipping is somehow expected because the taxi ride is so cheap. If the ride is 7 lei, it’s ok to pay 10 lei.

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