What to drink in Romania? – must have local drinks.

Let’s get a drink!

Romania is a big producer of beer and you will find a lot of local brands, besides the notorious international ones. You have to drink the local ones.

Ursus is probably the best known local beer in Romania. You will find it almost anywhere and the price is always decent. It is brewed in Cluj since 1878.

Tuica and Palinca are two local spirits that in older times were produced by people living on the country side for their own consumption. Of course now it’s industrialized, but you can still find some authentic drinks in some romanian traditional restaurants. Many fruits can be used to produce them (plums, pears, apricots etc), and the main difference is the level of alcohol, from 20% up to 50-60%. Tuica is usually distilled only once, while Palinca is distilled minimum twice.

If you are into wine, then you are on good soil. Romania has a very large wine production with several areas across the country. In the last 20 years there were huge investments in this industry and many producers are now proud to present very high quality wines, both white and red.
From the west of the country, I will always have Recas wine, Sole Chardonnay as my favorite. From the center of the country I’ll choose DAVINO, my all time favorite being Revelatio (mix of Sauvignon Blanc and Feteasca Alba). Sole can be found in many restaurants with prices from 70 to 110 lei per bottle, but Revelatio is a premium wine and will be found only in best restaurants and can be pretty expensive.
More popular good white wines are produced by Segarcea, Corcova, Jidvei, Murfatlar and many more.
When it comes to red wine, I prefer La Certa, Davino and Segarcea wine yards. Best local wines are Merlot, Feteasca Neagra and Cabernet.
If you prefer rose, than go for Terra Romana rose, Sole rose or Faurar rose.

What ever you will chose to drink, drink responsible and always share with local people.. you will get new friends. Getting too drunk is not appreciated.:)

International drinks, from beer and wine to standard long drinks are available everywhere :)

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