Romanian food

Where to eat the best traditional Romanian food.

Real traditional Romanian food is not found on every corner.

You have to search for it. Have in mind that the romanian food is pretty heavy so it’s healthier to have it for lunch.
Besides soups you will find Ciorba – a sour kind of soup that can be vegetables only or with different meat or fish. You have to try it. We eat Ciorba almost every day.
We have lots of apetizers, salads (aubergine, peppers & aubergines, beans, beet root & horseradish and many more), fermented cheese and hams. Most of the products are bio, produced by small farms all over Romania.

zexe romanian food


Zexe was founded in 1998 and they’ve won several awards for their quality. If by any chance you are a little hungover, then you have to try the soup Ciorba de potroace which is known as the best cure. Difficult to reccommend something as everything is top quality, it depends only on your taste. (Icoanei str 80, $$) (close to Universitatii and Icoanei park area – go there by taxi, the area is not the best).

lacrimi si sfinti romanian food

Lacrimi si Sfinti (Tears and Saints)

Lacrimi si Sfinti with its great location in Centrul Vechi brings new romanian food recipes together with the classic ones from the southern Romania on the Danube river. Try to order something that will go with mustard, as their mustard is made in house with an incredible unique taste. The bread is baked in house as well. Live traditional folk music is played every weekend by great artists. (16 Sfinti Sepcari str,  $$)

Caru' cu bere romanian food

Caru’ cu bere

Caru’ cu bere was founded in 1879 and it’s one of the oldest breweries in Bucharest. Located in Centrul Vechi, the building has a lot of hystory.
The food is above average and you should try Sarmale with polenta and Papanasi as desert. The beer is brewed in house, so make sure you have enough space for it. It’s a must visit place in town. As it’s always busy, try to book in advance or you will wait for a table. ( 5 Stavropoleos str, $$)

la placinte

La placinte

La Placinte is a new place in town and brings to Bucharest the taste from northern Moldova and Bucovina. It’s name translated is “Pies” and it’s the right name. Their pies are just incredible. It takes some time to bring them to your table, but you will be delighted, so plan to spend some time here. The cooked and grilled food is also very good and they have reinvented the “pork wing”. Located close to Piata Romana, it’s a great place for lunch and dinner. (20 Dacia Blv, $$)

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