cheap food

Cheap but tasty food

When talking about eating in restaurant, usually you think you will spend a big amount of money. What if I give you some tips on restaurants where food can be as cheap as buying it from the supermarket? And I’m talking about good, quality food.  Here are some of the best kept secrets of cheap tasty food in Bucharest.

O'clock Breakfast and Lunch

O’clock Breakfast and Lunch

O’clock Breakfast and Lunch, a small restaurant, all Romanian cooked meal, opened for the residents of the area and for the office buildings around. The food is cooked and you can choose it from the warm window display. There is not one single dish that I would not recommend so go for it. It’s fresh, tasty and cheap!
Dinu Vintila Street, Open 10.00-16.00 ($)



Nasser, owned by two Syrian brothers, the small restaurant serves Lebanese traditional food. Like in most Arabic restaurants, they are not so much into the design of the place but the food is always fresh and tasty. You can order take away or sit at one of the seven tables they have. The down side, if you stay and eat there, is that it is a smoke free restaurant and can be pretty smoky inside.
Open 10.00-19.00, Dumitru Zosima Street, No.86 ($$)



Gedo, the place is frequented by Oriental people and people who go there in their lunch break. The food is Sudan-Arabic with a Romanian touch. You can choose your food from a hot window display and pay at the end. They do not serve any alcohol but if you’re on a tight budget you won’t care because the food is so delicious!
Average price 20 Ron (5 EUR)/person, for a menu
Open 10.00-22.00, Ion Maiorescu Street, No.18, ($)

$ – close to market prices
$$ – regular prices
$$$ – have all the cards with you
$$$$ – good bye piggy bank

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