Oriental Food Bucharest

Where to eat oriental food

Yes, we love oriental food.

In Bucharest there is a strong influence of oriental flavours. But there are not too many places where you can really eat authentic turkish or arabic food. As usual, most of them have kind of kitch design, but not all. As I’m really into this kind of food, here are my picks:



Divan is the trendy turkish restaurant in town, with modern design by Corvin (romanian architect). If you visit Istanbul you will hardly find such a great mix between new and traditional. As for food, you can’t go wrong with anything. My favorites are the starters page and the grill page.. all :)
Calea Floreasca No. 111-113 and Franceza Str 46-48 (Centrul Vechi area) ($$$)

ali baba restaurant bucharest

Ali Baba

Ali Baba it’s a place that it’s kind of hard to get to. It offers specialities from Turkey and Middle Orient. If you reached this place, make sure you are hungry as you would have to taste lots of dishes. Try “Fate snubar” (best in town), fresh pita bread and everything on grill. You can try another 3-4 dishes just for tasting as prices are really low. No alcohol tough.
Mihai Bravu Blv, No. 213 (Piata Muncii area, close to National Arena. recommend taxi or subway to Piata Muncii station, line 1) ($)



Calif is more of a fast food, but its delicious turkish flavours make it a good choice for a oriental lunch, dinner or night bite after club :) Besides several kebab types you will also find falafel or cooked food.
Piata Iancului, Avrig Str, No. 63 ($)

El Bacha bucharest

El Bacha

Being one of the first Oriental Lebanese Restaurant in Bucharest, it changed location a few times. But no change in the quality of food here. Not sure how they prepare the fatoush or tabuleh, but are one of the best in town, not to mention beef ras asfour. Service is also friendly blending very good in the oriental atmosphere.
Piata Alba Iulia, No. 6 and Constantin Saldu Aldea Str., No. 75 (Domenii area) ($$$)

Sultan Bucharest


Pretty central located, but still I recommend a taxi as tram or subway could be a long ride due to missing infrastructure. It looks like a standard turkish neighborhood place with in view oven and grill. The pide are fabulous and i also liked the falafel and the spicy kebab (beef and lamb mix).
Pache Protopopescu Str., No. 97 ($$)

Four Season Bucharest

Four Seasons

The place is kind of small (maybe 60 places) but has a beautiful summer terrace. Humus with Snubar is one of my favorites as well as all kind of salads. Chicken and beef sharhat are also strong in the menu.
Vasile Lascar Str., No. 81 (again, recommend taxi to get there) ($$$)

Gedo Bucharest


Gedo. If you would like to watch Al Jazeera tv for lunch, than this is the place. It’s packed by people from the arabic world and this is because of the food of course.  The food is Sudan-Arabic with a Romanian touch. You can choose your food from a hot window display and pay at the end. They do not serve any alcohol.
Open 10.00-22.00, Ion Maiorescu Street, No.18, ($)

$ – close to market prices
$$ – regular prices
$$$ – have all the cards with you
$$$$ – good bye piggy bank

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