where to party

Where to party everyday in the cold season

If it’s any day of the week, it’s party time!

It is well known that people in Bucharest loves to party, and they do party everyday of the week. Here are the places that i’ll go party by days:

Altough seems the perfect day to stay home, people go out at Freddo in Centrul Vechi (old town, 24 Smardan Str.), or walk some more for even more clubs.

I will pick the most packed bar/club in Centrul Vechi (old town) or if I really want to party hard, then the students area is the place to be.. with several clubs in the area. This area is called Regie and is the area where most of the students not from Bucharest live. There is always something going on, but expect 95% young people, not only students. Prices are quite small here. Check this picture from club One

One Club Bucharest

One Club

If i feel like spending some money, I will go to Brasserie (Herastrau Area, 7-9 Sos Nordului Str.) which switches from a fine dinner to a club, offering live music all night.

For me it is clearly the time for Gaia (Herastrau Area, 19 Tarmului Str.). They throw every week a theme party which is very popular. Check them on FB for the day’s theme and make sure you respect the dress code. Otherwise it will be very hard to enter, even if you have booked a table. In the summer, the club opens a kind of garden version for more fresh air. Each season the club reinvents itself by new, stylish redecoration. It’s a fashion club so you will meet lots of models and artists and of course gay people.

If you haven’t booked a table, try to get early at Loft (Dorobanti Area, Metropolis Center, 89-97 Grigore Alexandrescu Str.) as it will always be packed and the club has a limited capacity.:) The place is one of the fancy restaurants in town and just before midnight turns into a crazy club. Good wine selection available in the club and sometimes there is also live music.
Fratelli Expresso Bar (Universitatii Area, 5 Nicolae Golescu Str, ) is also a good option, but usually it does not last later than midnight or 01.00 – great for pre drinks.

Fratelli time. (Floreasca Area, 1-3 Goldeni Str.) Get in time as it will be full pretty early. It a very popular club and it has the regular club dress code. Sometimes they have live bands performing, but every time is a guaranteed crazy party till dawn. Don’t be surprised to find yourself leaving home when the music stops, around 6 am.:)



I will go to Centrul Vechi (old town) and once again pick the most crowded club in the area, there will be lots to choose from. Or, Regie is also an option anytime :)

Here are more details about the main clubs in town.
And here we go again, it’s Monday already and I’m getting ready to go out again and again, every day. Remember that Centrul Vechi (old town) is very rich in places to party any given day. You will be amazed by the number of clubs one next to other.

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