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Some information about us:

We are two enthusiastic travelers that managed to travel on 4 out of the 5 continents so far. We like to blend in with local culture wherever we go, considering that traveling like this is the best investment you will ever make in your life.
You don’t become a better man if you have more money, but if you have more experiences with people from any part of the society all over the world.

After traveling so much, we started looking at Bucharest and Romania with different eyes. We started noticing more things that seemed regular before, that we were living with them everyday and not paying enough attention to them.

So this is why we started this blog, to provide information to people like us, that will like to indulge in the local romanian culture and escape the all around present tourist traps. In this blog you will find mostly places and things that we like to go to, do or appreciate while in Bucharest.

Feel free to give us a feedback for places you found on this blog or new places that you have visited. Any kind of feedback is the only way to go forward and provide more and better information for travelers like you.

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